Knowledge Graph
A knowledge graph summarizes biomedical information published in the scientific literature for the last 30 years. It is an enormous network linking Genes, Diseases, Chemicals, and Biological Processes, where each relation between network nodes is supported by reference to the original publications.
How can I make use of a knowledge graph
Exploring the knowledge graph allows users to gain relevant insights into the biological activities of genes and chemicals in the context of a disease. This advanced understanding of disease biology enables researchers to decide on the most promising drug targets or biomarkers. It also allows users to come up with new hypotheses about involved molecular mechanisms.
Interactive features
Clicking on the Gene or Disease of interest will take users to the corresponding dedicated page. Users can select between various graph layouts, rearrange nodes, and use zoom and pan functions to explore the graph. Hovering the mouse over the graph's edge will bring up a tooltip with citations from the original publications describing the relationship between entities.
Where can it be found in PandaOmics
Knowledge graph appears on the Publications tab for the following pages: Gene, Disease, Gene-Disease association and Meta-Analysis.
Training Video