Compound ID
The Compound ID allows users to identify candidates for drug repurposing based on the results of the Target ID. You can explore the list of compounds ranked by the calculated scores, their properties, current status of approval, clinical phase, and target. You also can click on each compound on this page for more details.
Clicking on the compound name will bring up a pop-up window with detailed information including compound targets, side effects, physico-chemical properties, IP holders, researchers, etc.
Training Video
This score makes an assumption that the compounds with the opposite effect on gene expression, when compared to the available data, can ultimately neutralize the effect of the disease both at the molecular and phenotypic levels. Disease differential expression is compared with the profiles of various exposures to chemical perturbations from the LINCS project. Substances with the most opposite effect compared to observed gene expression changes in the disease receive the highest score.
The degree of how skin-permeable the compound is. Various compounds can permeate the stratum corneum of the skin by the intercellular, transcellular, or appendageal routes, according to its size and its physicochemical properties. The skin permeation coefficient (Kp) is a measure of the conductance of skin to a particular chemical from a particular vehicle.