ChatPandaGPT is a state-of-the-art large language model to provide users with an interactive and personalized way to aggregate information and answer questions related to molecular biology, therapeutic target discovery, and pharmaceutical development.
ChatPandaGPT is aware of the general biological data and augmented with specific information from the PandaOmics Knowledge Graph.
ChatPandaGPT can be found on the Publications tab of the following pages:
Gene, Disease, Gene-Disease association and Meta-Analysis.
As a start of conversation, ChatPandaGPT provides a comprehensive description of a gene, disease or gene-disease association from the drug discovery angle, including information about major signaling pathways and biological processes, associated compounds, potential toxic effects, clinical trials, etc. The user can interact with ChatPandaGPT either by selecting one of the predefined questions like "What are potential risks and benefits of targeting gene X" or formulate his/her own questions and receive relevant answers.

Here are some sample queries to get started: "How does PLK1 link with apoptotic processes in sarcoma?" "Are there any targets for monoclonal antibodies for sarcoma?" "What diseases can be treated by alvocidib?" "Besides EGFR, what are the other potential targets of gefitinib?". ChatPandaGPT remembers the history of the conversation – one can ask ChatPandaGPT to expand or refine previous answers.

Application scenarios for ChatPandaGPT usage include but are not limited to:
  • Effortless retrieval of a clear and concise summary about the disease, gene or gene-disease association from the drug discovery perspective
  • Identification of the most important genes and signaling pathways associated with a disease of interest
  • Generating supporting textual description of the PandaOmics
    knowledge graph
  • Publication-ready interpretation of gene-disease
NB! Please use any information produced by ChatPandaGPT at your own discretion. While our team has made every effort to ensure that ChatPandaGPT provides complete and reliable answers, still it is highly recommended verifying the accuracy of the output. We encourage you to try reformulating your queries if you are not satisfied with the results, but please note that there is a 1000 symbol limit on the query length.
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