Gene-Disease Report
Gene-Disease text report is a new groundbreaking approach to assessing the drug target in the context of a specific disease
This page aggregates results of other tools such as Target ID, Indication Prioritization, Genetic Data or Expression Analysis to help answering set of important questions related to biology, chemistry, technology and business such as:
  • Is there a strong, molecular link between the target and the disease?
  • Is it feasible to design and manufacture a drug against this target?
  • What properties would a drug against this target need to have to be competitive in the market, and would it make sense in our company's portfolio?
PandaOmics utilizes the power of Large Language Models (LLMs) to combine omics and text data with background knowledge on drug discovery to create a detailed report encompassing various aspects of drug target investigation.
The LLM-powered Gene-Disease report can be launched on each Gene-Disease association page. The new page summarizes results of a deep dive analysis for Gene and Disease of interest. The following tabs are currently available:
  • Target Feasibility
    Explore a Gene function and the molecular development potential of the target of interest
  • Omics Analysis
    Discover Gene-Disease connections with detailed Omics analysis, including transcriptomics, methylation and genetics results using precalculated Disease Meta-analysis
  • Mechanism of Action
    Evaluate an LLM-generated molecular hypothesis regarding the involvement of a Gene in Disease pathology utilizing Knowledge Graph-derived information
  • Path to Market
    Estimate the unmet clinical need and competitive landscape of a Disease in the context of a specific Gene target
This new approach for drug target investigation plays a pivotal role in the PandaOmics workflow, providing critical steps when users are on the quest for their targets and diseases of interest.