inClinico is a platform for Data-driven multimodal forecast of single clinical trial's probability of success (PoS).

inClinico utilizes massive amounts of data about the targets, diseases, clinical trials, and even scientists involved with the study at the preclinical and clinical stages
Predict clinical trials success rate
Recognize the weak points in trial design
Adopt the best practices in the industry
Clinical risk assessment and portfolio triage
Scoring of custom trials: compare designs for the clinical trial that are planned and optimize them for success

Database of historical and ongoing clinical trials:
find clinical catalysts that drive pharmaceutical growth, sort them by the PoS, and research the designs of successful trials

Clinical Trial Outcome Scores: the ability to analyze performance for individual trials with simple data-driven metrics for the PoS

Comprehensive Report Generation
: customized reports with PoS and feature impacts on probabilities generated on inputs from OMICs data, drug structure, trial protocol, preclinical data, and publications, grants, and patents
Core Features
Customer profiles & Use cases
Pharmaceutical portfolio de-risking
Technical due diligence for Mergers and Acquisitions, licensing and partnerships
BD&L executives
at pharma companies
Research on general red flags
Post-mortem analysis on failed project for possible revival
AI-augmented trial design — endpoints, sites, eligibility
Clinical researchers
& developers
Investment portfolio de-risking
Search for the assets to invest in
Buy-side analysts
at pharma-focused funds
inClinico for therapeutic pipeline due diligence
Proprietary ML algorithms for information
extraction & data harmonization

Comprehensively harmonized and curated public data

Advanced NLP system with a feedback loop from
industry experts

Large preclinical data feed from CROs
Advanced AI modelling platform powered by multimodal data
Probabilities of success based on different modalities
Granular interpretation of the predictions
Industry-wide success rate analysis
Individual clinical trial reports
Clinical trials prioritized by probabilities of success

Report covers clinical trial sponsors with details on their financials

Leverage derived probabilities and estimate NPV more precisely to inform licensing and investment decisions
Summary report with benchmarked pharmaceutical catalysts
inClinico for the clinical trial design enhancement
Trial structure — blinding, randomization and cohorts

Patient eligibility criteria


Clinical site information
inClinico extracts meaningful
representations from clinical trial protocol
Which details were the most important
for the model prediction

Exact quantified influence of the each
feature as well as feature groups
Get interactive report on the clinical protocol details impact
Simulate alternative designs and get detailed reports

Choose the best design aligned with the expert knowledge and data-driven recommendations
Get actionable insights into how to change the clinical protocol to improve the probability of success
Data Source
5M OMICs data samples
A full spectrum of transcriptomics, genomics, epigenomics, proteomics, single cell data
generated by the scientific community
30M Publications
Published biomedical research results
3M Grants
Life sciences research grant funding
3.8M Patents
Patents covering the life sciences industry.
342K Clinical Trials
Explore extra knowledge related to the clinical trials design
13K Drugs
Drugs from Phase 1 of clinical trial
till Launched phase
15 October, 2020
27 April, 2020
14 April, 2020
16 March, 2020
14 January, 2020
Prospective inClinico validation
July, 2022
June, 2020
April, 2020
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