Insilico Medicine introduces fully-integrated
Drug Discovery Platform
  • Get published OMICs data deciphered
  • Analyse any OMICs data type
  • Evaluate drug targets
  • Get strategies for drug repurposing
  • Explore the power of automated
    end-to-end machine learning platform
  • Access structure-based and ligand-based drug design
  • Discover novel and diverse molecules
    for targets of interest
  • Predict clinical trial success rates
  • Identify the weak points in trial design
  • Adopt the best practices in the industry guided by InClinico
Expand your horizons
of data analysis and visualization
Explore an uncharted
chemical space
Design and predict
clinical trial outcomes
Prospective Validation Studies made using InClinico platform
InClinico utilizes massive amounts of data about the targets, diseases, clinical trials, and even scientists involved with the study at the preclinical and clinical stages. We believe that prospective validation is the best way to predict the outcomes of clinical trials
Data Source
5M OMICs data samples
A full spectrum of transcriptomics, genomics, epigenomics, proteomics, single cell data
generated by the scientific community
30M Publications
Published biomedical research results
3M Grants
Life sciences research grant funding
3.8M Patents
Patents covering the life sciences industry.
342K Clinical Trials
Explore extra knowledge related to the clinical trials design
13K Drugs
Drugs from Phase 1 of clinical trial
till Launched phase