Multimodal Multi-Omics, Multi-Species, Multi-Tissue Transformer-based Model
for Aging Research, Disease Modelling, Synthetic Data Generation, Drug Discovery, and Other Tasks
PreciousGPT is Insilico's lineup of AI models aimed at enabling digital -omics experiments
By training large language models on omics-level data, we have created a new way to run pre-clinical research at minimal costs. Precious models empower scientists to swiftly test their hypotheses using realistic synthesized data.
The Precious models' family includes:
a compound model combining a transformer and a diffusion architectures with omic data generation capabilities
a genuinely multimodal transformer-based model trained to emulate the workflow of case-control studies, with an emphasis on chemical pertrubations. We tokenize multiple data types and train one global model to perform multiple tasks in drug discovery, aging research, and synthetic data generation
Precious3GPT is our most recent and most advanced model
This unique multi-modal AI is capable of synthesizing and iterpreting omics-level data from different cell lines and tissues. It combines proteomes, RNA sequencing, and DNA methylation data of multiple species under one hood and supports a variety of experimental settings.

Thanks to a ChatGPT-compatible API, Precious3GPT may be integrated into custom AI-based workflows to support complex research pipelines.
Watch the demo video to see Precious3GPT in action
Originally envisioned as a tool for any-omics age prediction and conditional multi-omics synthetic data generation and "one clock to rule them all", it evolved into a comprehensive multi-modal drug discovery platform incorporating massive amounts of data from multiple areas of biology, chemistry, drug discovery. Precious1GPT model was first presented in 2022 and published in 2023 demonstrating the ability to discover protein targets with the case study on the role of Apelin Receptor in multiple age-related diseases.

Precious2GPT demonstrated the ability of high-quality data generation and is in peer-review process.Precious3GPT is a truly multi-modal platform and we are collaborating with Vadim Gladishev's lab at Harvard to validate and turn it into a community resource.

We plan to collaborate on Precious3GPT with multiple groups and then release it to the community.
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We are also going to provide a limited number of researchers with free access to Precious3GPT
If you are interested in working with Precious3GPT, leave us a message and we will get back to you as soon as the model is ready.