Unlock the Power of De Novo Protein Engineering with AI
Generative Biologics is an advanced, AI-powered platform that is capable of designing and optimizing different types of biologics including peptides, nanobodies, and antibodies tailored for specific targets.
  • Streamlined Biologics Development with AI
    Streamline traditional drug design and development phases with Generative Biologics, an automated machine learning platform that delivers biomolecules with optimal developability properties, and precise binding to your specified targets – all achieved in a few days.
  • Scalable Engineering Platform
    Generative Biologics is a robust, scalable platform that operates seamlessly across distributed computing environments. Whether deployed in the cloud or on-premise, it offers consistent, hardware-agnostic performance for a variety of workloads.
Core Features
AI-Driven Discovery
Our platform leverages generative AI to accelerate the discovery of innovative biological pharmaceuticals
Reward Function
Generate biologics with superior affinity and tailored developability properties, that meet the highest standards of drug design
Generate Diverse Biologic Modalities
Design the specific type of biologic you need, from peptides and nanobodies to full-length antibodies
Generate Novel Biologics
in 3 Steps
Tailor the design to your needs by selecting the type of biologic drug to be generated, ranging from peptides to nanobodies, antibodies, and beyond
Select the Type of Biologics
Our AI algorithms can generate unique biologic candidates targeting any given protein. Epitopes can either be automatically identified or user-specified for precision design
Generate novel biologics
The AI algorithms optimize the biologics for developability, optimizing stability, aggregation potential, immunogenic profile, and more. Comprehensive reports detail these parameters for informed decision-making
Select optimized biologics