Our mission is to accelerate drug discovery and drug development by continuously inventing
and deploying new artificial intelligence technologies. We provide AI solutions to the top pharma and biotechnology companies to enable streamlined R&D efforts and transform the way therapeutics and materials are discovered.

Our automated, experimentally certified AI platform enriches precision medicine to create
and execute new promise to cut costs and development time substantially. By enabling the rapid discovery and development of novel molecules, we're ushering in new possibilities for the creation and discovery of a pipeline of therapeutic programs in cancer, fibrosis, anti-infective, immunology, and senescence.

Essentially, we aspire to be pioneers in this field, working relentlessly to innovate, publish proofs
of concepts in scholarly publications, and delivering state-of-the-art AI solutions to top industry experts.
Over 150 Academic and Industry Collaborators Worldwide

Insilico Medicine has multiple global collaborations in the application
of next-generation AI technologies such as reinforcement learning and generative adversarial networks to enable the generation of novel molecular structures
with desired properties.

These collaborations align with our aim of affiliating with the top companies
and institutions to provide space-age solutions for drug discovery and biomarker development. Since our foundation in 2014, we have seen such partnerships grow, which has allowed us to get the right drugs to the right patients faster.
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