Differentially Expressed Genes

Differentially expressed genes are calculated using the limma method
Matthew E. Ritchie, Belinda Phipson, Di Wu, Yifang Hu, Charity W. Law, Wei Shi, Gordon K. Smyth, limma powers differential expression analyses for RNA-sequencing and microarray studies, Nucleic Acids Research, Volume 43, Issue 7, 20 April 2015, Page e47, https://doi.org/10.1093/nar/gkv007
Each gene in the table
is associated with the following values:
  • 1
    logarithmic Fold Change value − indicates the difference of gene expression in a case vs Controls sample groups. It consists of two components: the left component is an average Fold Change value across all case samples; the right one indicates the interval with the majority of fold changes within each sample
  • 2
    P-value − is a probability value indicating the statistical significance of the observed gene differential expression <0.05 is a standard significance threshold value
  • 3
    Q-value − is a False Discovery Rate (FDR) corrected p-value. We recommend using this value as a default parameter to estimate statistical significance of a given gene. <0.05 is a standard significance threshold value