OMICs Data Research Workflow
Please follow these easy steps to perform a typical dataset analysis using PandaOmics
  • 1
    Collect your data
    1.1. Upload your own dataset
    1.2. Search for the dataset of interest in the search box on the Main Page
  • 2
    Define groups of samples you want to select for differential gene expression analysis
    2.1. Use metadata sample annotation available for a given dataset
    2.2. Run clustering analysis for a big dataset to see closely related groups of samples based on gene expression profile
  • 3
    Compare sample groups of interest
  • 4
    Explore Comparison report
    4.1. Differential expression for a Comparison
    4.2. Analyse Affected Pathways
    4.3. Find connections between molecular data and metadata
  • 5
    Identify actionable Targets in the Target ID tool and repurposing candidates in the Compound ID tool