Navigate in Kinome Polypharmacology Landscape with AI
Golden Cubes is an automated, AI-powered platform estimating small molecule activity against different kinases
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  • Kinome-wide
    Activity Prediction
    Find off-targets or repurpose existing compounds with Golden Cubes, an automated machine-learning platform that estimates small molecule activity against multiple kinases – just in a few hours
  • Scalable Engineering Platform
    Golden Cubes is a scalable distributed platform designed to operate in diverse cloud and on-premise setups, ensuring uniform workload management across different hardware configurations
Core Features
Big Data-Driven Approach
Our platform exploits large-scale and precisely annotated molecular datasets that matches high standards in the industry
Descriptor-Based Engine
Evaluate molecules beyond the explored kinase chemical space
Diverse Kinase Target Set
Annotate structures across all existing kinase families
Unleash the Potential of Golden Cubes in 3 Ways
Identify potential on- and off-targets for compounds during hit and lead optimization stages.
Predict Kinase Selectivity
Manage the kinome promiscuity of the molecules depending on your needs.
Design multimodal compounds
Discover novel targets for existing compounds and reduce costs for their development timeline.
Drug repurposing